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1st Tewkesbury seminar with Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic, 7th Dan

The first course was a great success with many new faces, as well as old friends.

Last weekend, 20th to 22nd April 2018, KenZenIchi Kase-ha Academy played host to a seminar by Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic, 7th Dan, from Serbia. As it was the first course there was a lot to be organised, but everything was well executed by Sensei Armstrong, with a little help from the clubs karate-kas.

The weather boded well for the seminar as the sun was shining bright and strong, temperatures soared to over 20°, and spirits were very high. Although Sensei Armstrong and club members travel regularly around Europe to train with Sensei Dmitrijevic, this was a very different feeling as we were hosts for the very first time.

From left to right: Grant, Robin, Sensei Dmitrijevic, Sensei Armstrong, Gary, Heather, and Lloyd from KenZenIchi Kase-Ha Academy.

Over 40, mainly black belt, karate-ka attended from all over the UK and Sweden, and it was a real pleasure to see so many new faces turning up to experience instruction under Sensei Dimitrijevic. Sensei Dimitrijevic demonstrated his unique approach to the integrated practice of Budo Karate to an enthusiastic audience, carefully guiding us through breathing, grounding, kime, and control of the centre (hara), giving us the tools to go away and work with until we meet with him again. Many times it was said that this was not a training weekend, but a seminar for us to learn how to focus our personal training on the areas that make Kase-Ha Karate stand out.

Sensei Dmitrijevic sat with friends from the ESA, Sweden, and Redditch Karate Club

KenZenIchi Kase-Ha Academy sat with friends from Satori Shotokan Karate, Lowestoft.

These seminars always have a social element to them and the seminar was followed by tea and home-made cakes with a lecture from Sensei Dmitrijevis. The lecture was centred on the correct connection of the body from the heel contact with the ground, correct knee position (both to protect our knees from damage, and to increase the ground contact), pelvic rotation, control of the hara, and relaxed shoulders. These lectures have always been fantastic as they help us to understand better what we should be doing in the dojo.

After the success of the seminar plans are already underway for a repeat seminar in April 2019. We hope to see everyone who was there next year, and feel that many more karate-kas will join us from across Europe.

KenZenIchi Kase-ha Academy is run by Sensei Alan Armstrong, 6th Dan, and welcomes both beginners and experienced karateka.

Contact Sensei Armstrong on 07789 503594

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