Vebo in Oxford, October 2019

Last weekend Oxford Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate‑Do hosted Sensei Velibo Dimitrijevic, 7th Dan, on a wet and blustery weekend in Radley, near Abingdon. It was a whole year since Sensei was in the UK, as he missed the April course in Tewkesbury due to illness, so it was fantastic to see him again and have the opportunity to check our progress, as well as topping up our knowledge. The weekends was attended by karateka with a range of experience. There were some who have trained in Kase-Ha for 15+ years, and others who are very new to the style. Despite the level of experince it was clear that everyone was progressing well and Sensei Dimitrijevic was pleased with the standard. One of the major p
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